Monday, March 8, 2010

Drake's "Over" Producer Talks New Single, "It Described Exactly How He Was Feeling At This Moment"

Drake's "Over" producer Boi-1da has explained the process behind creating the Thank Me Later debut single and why there is such a large emphasis on Drizzy's high-paced life.

According to Boi, he co-produced the track with beatmaker Al-Khaaliq.

"He's a dude that makes sample quality music that people think it's a sample," Boi said in an interview. "Like 'Over' sounds like a sample but it's not a sample...That's the way Drake envisioned himself coming out, it described exactly how he was feeling at this moment. You know, the first line, the hook, he comes out saying 'I know way too many people in here that I didn't know last year.' It's explaining that his life, he has all these people around him now, but at the end of the day, he's going to prevail, it's not over yet. He has a lot more time to go, that's what it is you know. He felt like this is the moment that he wanted to capture for his first single." (The Source)

Drizzy's track landed online late Thursday (March 4) night.

"Bottles on me, long as someone drink it," the 23-year-old raps in a slow, aggressive flow. "Never drop the ball, f--- is y'all thinking?/ Making sure the Young Money ship is never sinking/ 'Bout to set it off in this bi---, Jada Pinkett/ You too fine to be laying down in bed alone/ I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone..." 'Bout to go Thriller, Mike Jackson on these n---as," Drake later raps. "All I need is a f---ing red jacket with some zippers." ("Over")

He also spoke on the track's overall motivation in an interview last week.

"This is my first song," he told radio-show hosts Jus Red and Jwyze. "This is still my first single off my first album. This is still the beginning, as great as everything has gone...I went with 'Over' as the first look because of the words in the hook...The hook being the most repetitive part. I got a lot of great songs on my album. I got songs for women who wanna feel special. I got songs for dudes -- if you ever thought my music was too soft, this is one you will enjoy. I got a lot of variety on there, but the biggest thing was that opening line on the hook." (MTV)

Reports on the Canadian emcee's track landed online in late February.

The wait is almost over. Drake has selected the first single from his highly-anticipated debut album. The first offering from Thank Me Later will be called "Over." Drizzy exclusively tells that the track was produced by fellow Canadian Boi-1da, who is responsible for two of his biggest hits, "Best I Ever Had" and "Forever." The Young Money signee went through a painstaking process before choosing the right single. (Rap-Up)

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