Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jim Jones Explains Rev. Run "Sucker MC" Joint Song, "The Record Is Important, It Was A Dream Come True" [Audio]

Dipset's Jim Jones recently spoke on snagging Reverend Run for a "Sucker MC" collaboration and how much respect he has for the rap pioneer.

According to Jones, the record came together by coincidence.

"The way it all comes together is wild," Jones wrote in a blog posting. "I was in the Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey going to buy some sneakers, and I'd been 'Mr. Curse Somebody Out.' And I hear somebody telling me, 'What I told you about that, man? Stop cursing these people out.' I turned around and it was big bruh, Reverend Run. I'm like 'Man, what's poppin? You need to let me do one of them records over.' He was like, 'Get the record and send it to me.' ... The record is important, it was a dream come true. That's one of the first fly dudes I laid my eyes on coming up watching this rap game. That was Run DMC, 'whose house' and all that. They did damage. They are the main reason you wear Shelltoes. R.I.P Jam Master Jay, he'd always be up in Harlem. You'd catch him on 125th street all the time." (Global Grind)

Jones recently spoke on the status of his fragmented Dipset crew.

"Ain't no such thing as dipset west till they patch in I don't know yall man CAPO said it holla Shouts to west side piru," Jimmy wrote Friday (February 26). "Matter fact ain't no dipset until me cam juelz n zeke get back together n make tht powerful music Thts the Diplomats I know." (Jim Jones' Twitter)

He also had assault charges against him dropped in late February.

Battery charges against Harlem rapper Jim Jones were officially dropped by the Florida's Attorney's Office on Friday (Feb. 26). The charges stemmed from an incident on March 12, 2009, when the former Dipset capo and several members of his entourage allegedly assaulted a teenager in a parking lot after a show in Panama City, Fla. (The Boom Box)

Footage of the attack was released online last spring.

Posted on YouTube last March, the footage shows around three large men fighting with a smaller person wearing a black shirt while Jim Jones, wearing a white shirt, is standing in the back. Jones appeared to be walking away from the altercation, but returned to pull people away from the fight. With a crowd of people observing the incident including a security guard, Jones and his crew left the scene while being taunted by local residents. (YouTube)

Check out Jim Jones & Rev Run's "Wishing On A Sucker MC" below:

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