Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Styles P Vouches For The "New" Shyne, "I Can't Knock Him At All

Styles P recently reached out to SOHH to share his opinion of formerly incarcerated rapper Shyne's new post-jail rhyming style.


For Shyne, I've been incarcerated too so I know exactly what he means by changing up his tone and the way he's rapping now. And even though I have been incarcerated, I can't even compare my incarceration to his, not even a little bit.

He gave the system 10 years. He's gone through more in his eyes than most men have even seen. He's seen men go through situations that most people can't even comprehend. So for the average person that's never been locked up or incarcerated in a cell, you can't understand where he's coming from or what he's been through.

But for me, I understand completely where he's coming from and I can't knock him at all. I would get on a track with Shyne because he's been through a lot. He has been through the struggle. --- as told to Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne

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