Thursday, February 11, 2010

DJ Skee Questions Drake's Career Moves, "He Could Have Revolutionized The Music Game"

West Coast radio personality DJ Skee recently discussed Drake's decision to sign to a major label and said the Young Money rapper missed an opportunity to revolutionize the music business.

Skee explained why he wished Drizzy would have stayed independent rather than inking a contract with Universal Motown.

"I don't mean to give away the secrets on what I'm working on, but imagine going to company X, who cuts a check to have Drake be a spokesperson for the brand, then pays to create a music video that features and can also be cut into a commercial for company X that's shown on TV to millions of people thousands of times," he wrote this week. "To top it off, the consumer has to go to Drake's website to get the entire song (or mixtape/album) for free, where before they download they're forced to watch that 30 second music video/advertisement about the product...In the event it went nowhere, company X isn't committed to wasting a ton of money, and if successful, Drake is making more money than he could imagine. Immediately, if successful, this changes the entire model of the music business...In this marketplace, especially where the economy is, Drake went the 100-percent safe route, and at the end of the day, did what he felt was best for him. Maybe I'm looking too much into it and the rebel side of me just wants to see something new shake up everything, but I really think Drake could have revolutionized the music game, and to some extent, the entertainment and advertising industries. For someone with so much against him yet was able to do it all himself to just drop the ball at the buzzer disappoints me. I just think of what could have been." (XXL Mag)

Producer Timbaland took an alternate critical perspective recently by questioning whether the fans will still maintain interest since Drake's album has been delayed multiple times.

"I don't know, when all the hype was there, [people] were like 'Oh' but now you know how this world is," Tim told radio host/actor Nick Cannon explained about the changing popularity of artists. "They get it and then pull you down. I don't know [if delaying the album was good]. Time will tell when he drops, when he do drop his album. We don't know right now. I can't tell you." (92.3 Now)

Roc Nation's J. Cole previously compared Drake's buzz to 50 Cent's back in 2003.

"It's how things happened man," Cole said. "It was his destiny, it was supposed to happen like that for him. I can't get mad at that or fans shouldn't get mad at that, this was destined for him. Like , for whatever reason it was, this was supposed to happen this way for him, everything happens for a reason... My buzz isn't that big because it's not supposed to be that big. I'm not supposed to come in the game like that, it's not my path... And if you look at his style -- it's perfect for the mainstream because it's clever enough to still be considered lyrical and the flow is smooth enough to appeal to the masses. It's the perfect style for the main stream and can still be considered hip-hop... His stars are lined like 50 [Cent's] stars are lined like back in '03. It's just the perfect set-up." (Los Angeles Leakers)

New York rapper Cormega initially said he was not familiar with Drake's work last year.

"I can't f*ck with Drake, I like Drake, I like Drake as a young man trying to make money but I can't take him serious," Mega explained in an interview. "Number one, he's rich. He's rich man. I don't like when these spoiled rich kids they just get into rap because it's something they can do but they pops got money and they put 'em in the game and then they start rapping about something, a life they could never live. Go do something else. I mean, sh*t, if I could switch with you, I would be the rich dude, the rich goody good my whole life. N*ggas like us rap about sh*t because we lived it. These n*ggas use rap as a hobby." (Street Disciplez Radio)

Check out Cormega speaking on Drake below:

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