Monday, February 22, 2010

Lloyd Banks Reveals Surprise Collabo, "It's With One Of The Last N*ggas You Would Think I'd Do A Record With" [Video]

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks has opened up about his upcoming third solo project and promised to be collaborating with an unlikely artist in the near future.

In addition to the collabo, Banks said he has not yet determined a title for 2006's Rotten Apple follow-up.

"Another record is on the way, man," Banks said in an interview referring to a "Beamers" follow-up. "I can't tell you who it's with yet, but it's one of the last n*ggas you would think I'd do a record with. It's retarded. I got a few things in store but I don't want to get to the names yet, probably when I get back in April, I'll give it a title." (Jon John TV)

Banks recently spoke on being the "future" of his crew.

"Well the status is, I am the present, the past and the future," Banks explained in an interview. "So they can definitely look forward to that. Tony Yayo, of course. The founding members are always gonna be there. We built this up, gave opportunities to other artists that were signed including [Young] Buck and Game and so on. But as long as that structure is there, we're good. We're solid. You can look forward to me, I'm the future. This summer [for my album]. It's a tight schedule...hopefully we can push for late summer." ("KG Radio Show")

Last month, the rapper discussed the motivation behind his Juelz Santana collaboration.

"I'm just starting back," he said. "I've been so focused with taking over the street and people hearing me back on that market -- so when I come with the official records, they'll appreciate it more. 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley,' It's a club record, party record, car record. It's a lot of energy and something new. It's a sound that ain't out there right now. I wanna send my thanks to all the fans that supported me. I ain't been tuned in. My peoples put me on to what's been going on. Check the music -- that's one thing that's not going nowhere. My talent is crazy. I will be in the studio later. They can look forward to me dropping new records on and I love all my fans, man. I want everybody to look forward to my third album. It's definitely gonna be worth the wait." (MTV)

Banks previously touched on his chemistry with Yayo and 50.

"Oh yeah, that sh*t is crazy," Banks told DJ Whoo Kid about an upcoming mixtape he's on with 50 Cent. "I mean, that's back to where it started. Once we get in there, it ain't really much talking going on, to be honest with you. It's always been a good competition with us, it's only competition. I mean, we don't really need nobody else you know what I'm saying, because nobody else was here in the beginning. We're locked in that room and it's on and popping, automatic pilot. Probaby about eight songs done a night, two days, that's a mixtape." (Sirius Satellite Radio)

No further details have been released as of now.

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