Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kanye West Readies New Blog Launch, "It Should Be Up This Week"

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has announced plans to launch a new blog this week.

While not offering many details, Yeezy said fans could anticipate a new site launch any day.

"I've been working really hard on this new blog," Ye wrote in a KanyeUniversecity blog posting, "and I'm really excited about it. It should be up this week!" (Kanye West's Blog)

Ye gave fans the inside scoop of a new site launching after an initial posting last month.

"Sorry for the slow posting," Ye wrote on his current blog Sunday (January 10) evening. "I've been working on a whole new blog for the past few months now. It's very close to completion." (Kanye West's Blog)

Last December, the rapper appeared at a Kid Cudi concert and voiced his thoughts on the rap industry.

"I had to get up out this motherf*cker for a second," Ye told the crowd. "I love the game so much and I'm so passionate about it that I just can't take this sh*t sometimes. And if they take everything away from me it wouldn't f*cking matter. Artists be too concerned about their well-being sometimes. Artists be too scared to stand up for something. They scared to lose they f*cking house or they scared to lose their record deal. I sold my soul to the devil, I know it's a crappy deal/At least it came with a few toys like a Happy Meal." (Miss Info TV)

He was recently crowned one of the top ten producers over the past ten years.

Hot 100 Producers: 1. The Neptunes 2. Timbaland 3. Kanye West 4. Scott Storch 5. 6. Jonathan "Lil Jon" Smith 7. Stargate 8. Bryant-Michael Cox 9. Jermaine Dupri 10. Dr. Luke (Billboard Biz)

No further details on Kanye West's new blog launch have been revealed as of now.

Check out some recent Kanye West footage below:

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