Monday, February 1, 2010

Young Buck Blasts G-Unit At Detroit Concert, "Eminem Don't Even Agree W/ The Bullsh*t 50 Cent Is Doing" [Video]

Young Buck Blasts G-Unit At Detroit Concert, "Eminem Don't Even Agree W/ The Bullsh*t 50 Cent Is Doing" [Video]  Young Buck dissed 50 Cent and his G-Unit camp during a performance at a Detroit, Michigan concert over the weekend.

Buck Marley also made sure to show his respect for Detroit native Eminem.

"I'm a real life n*gga," Buck told a crowd of Detroit fans. "For real. I wanna clear this sh*t up real quick because I see a lot of real n*ggas in here, you understand me. Let me tell you something. I don't f*ck with that n*gga 50 Cent for real. F*ck that n*gga. For real though, look, I got a lot of love for Eminem, that's my n*gga. You understand that? You understand me? Eminem don't even agree with the bullsh*t 50 Cent is doing with me. You understand me -- don't worry about Buck, I'm good with or without some b*tch a** n*gga named 50 motherf*cking Cent...F*ck you, f*ck the contract, I'm in Detroit, I'm in Eminem's hometown...A lot of these n*ggas can't come to Detroit, this is a no fly zone...I promise you, you will not see Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, none of them b*tch a** n*ggas out here without some motherf*cking security..." (BC)

Last fall, Buck clarified speculation of dissing Em on one of his mixtape tracks called "If I Have To."

"Man, I would never diss Eminem," Buck promised. "You know what? I would never diss Eminem. I'ma be real, what had happened was I got a white producer that's from my town -- that actually produced that track. So when I went into the booth, I'm like 'Eminem, we after your a**' basically speaking on the production side of things because the producer of the track is a white dude and Eminem is his favorite and just f*cking with him. And actually, I still slam the sh*t outta his a** for keeping that sh*t on there, you feel me? [laughs] Once I saw how the track got out there like it did, I got at Trick Trick real quick, that's one of my homeboys and I know he's right there with Em [so] he don't take that sh*t the wrong kinda way 'cause how that fumbled. I ain't got no problems with Eminem. He's one of the realest motherf*ckers with me in this rap sh*t. There's only a handful of 'em." ("G-Unit Radio")

Aside from name dropping Slim Shady in the track's intro, Buck used the song to describe his street credentials.

"Cool, turn me up my n*gga," Buck says in the beginning. "[laughs] Eminem, we coming for your a**, ain't that right Coop? Man, we go too hard, for real. Shoot a n*gga dead right now if I had to/Hop out, walk up and just blast you/Snatch him out his Chevy/Take what's on his wrist, let the young n*ggas strip it...I'm pissed, you don't want your name on that list/'fore we come through, n*gga, we don't miss/Throwing shells out the chopper..." ("If I Have To")

Tony Yayo recently said he would not offer a response to Buck's disses as of late.

"Look, I told you, I'm not talking about a n*gga that has zero, nothing," Yayo told radio host DJ Whoo Kid. "I'm good man, rest in peace to Tick man...He frustrated. N*ggas know it's rough in the rap game right now, only the strong are surviving. Riding in nice cars, rappers are gonna have to start rapping for food soon...A n*gga can keep saying what he wanna say, but as long as those checks keep coming for me, I'm good...He's broke, what do you want me [to say?] How you spell broke? B-r-o-k-e. What do you do when a n*gga's on his last legs, don't have nothing, baby mom's all over the place, you was eating Olivia." (Radio Planet TV)

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