Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AZ Chases Kanye West, Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp For "Doe Or Die 2" LP, "I'm Trying To Make This Epic"

AZ Chases Kanye West, Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp For "Doe Or Die 2" LP, "I'm Trying To Make This Epic"

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009 4:35PM

Written by Rosario Harper

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New York rap veteran AZ recently shared his aim to enlist award-winning producers Kanye West, Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp and more for his upcoming Doe Or Die 2 album.

For the Brooklyn, New York-based emcee, a few producers have already earned a spot on the solo project.

"Buckwild's on board," AZ revealed in an interview. "I spoke to L.E.S., I spoke to D/R [Period], I spoke to them, they all there. At the same time, I wanna bring newcomers to the table. I'm gonna get some joints from him. I spoke to him. I'm trying to reach out to Dr. Dre. I'm trying to make this epic too, like just bring everything to a full circle. So I'm gonna [reach back] into the past, but I'm also gonna bring it to the future. I even need a joint from Kanye. I gotta knock on his door. I'm gonna knock on his door real soon." (Hip Hop DX)

AZ recently spoke with SOHH about his motivation for putting the album together.

"I mean, I reached out to [Nas], uhm, I think he's going through a couple of whirls, he's going through a lot of situations so we haven't really sat down and politic'ed and talked about everything," AZ explained. "Actually, I did reach out for this Doe Or Die 2, that's what I'm working on, the Doe Or Die 2 stuff. Raekwon did the Cuban Linx [2], and The Blueprint 3 and the Carter III and IV, so them sequels do good in the marketplace. So I'm trying to do this Doe Or Die 2, I reached out to him, I haven't gotten feedback as of yet, but like I said, look at what he's going through." (SOHH)

AZ shares over a decade of musical history with Nas stemming from their "Life's A B*tch" collaboration and work together on Doe Or Die.

In the wake of his debut Doe or Die's critical success, AZ collaborated with Nas in the ill-fated supergroup the Firm and released Pieces of a Man (1998), another critical favorite. But for the most part, that was it from AZ for several years as he fell by the wayside, not surfacing in a big way again until a pair of Motown releases, 9 Lives (2001) and Aziatic (2002), that didn't sell any better than his previous efforts. He subsequently took his music underground, periodically releasing albums such as A.W.O.L. (2005). (All Music)

Aside from his own project, AZ said early talks of a full length joint record with Cormega were merely speculation earlier this year.

"I'm not sure," AZ said about the chances of a collaboration album. "I mean, anything is possible but we haven't spoke on it yet. But you know, it 'can' happen. I mean, anything is possible, me and Cormega haven't really built on it, we haven't really sat down and patched things out but Mega is a cool brother, you know what I'm saying, especially with his music. So you know, anything is possible." (SOHH)

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