Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chamillionaire Sends Warning To His Record Label, Plans To Bring ‘Major Pain’

Chamillionaire Sends Warning To His Record Label, Plans To Bring ‘Major Pain’Texas rapper Chamillionaire speaks on his major pain with the labels stating that his album Venom has been pushed back to March 16th and from the sound of it, Chamillionaire isn’t pleased and has plans of his own.

Since Chamillionaire’s album has been pushed back, the rapper states that he’s releasing a disc entitled Major Pain on February 2, 2010, the date that his Venom album was scheduled to be released.

“Since we’re in the business of distributing bad news, I got a little bad news of my own I’d like to distribute,” states Chamillionaire as he says his album was suppose to be the madness that the streets needs. So instead it will be released in the form of Major Pain.”

Chamillionaire then goes on to state there will be no distribution fees, no advances, no budgets, no A&R, no idiots, no non-sense.

“If you happen to take a trip to New York, and you happen to bump into anybody, anybody in Manhattan that’s walking out of the Universal building — you know, anybody that you see in a suit and a funny looking bow tie, you deliver this message, you tell them this, February 2 here comes the pain, they don’t push us back, ” adds Chamillionaire.

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