Monday, December 21, 2009

HIGHBRID NATION Remembers WVU Classmate Chris Henry

As I’ve boasted plenty of times before, I, as well as many of the Highbrid Corporation founders are proud West Virginia University Alumni. When we first started the company in 1999 our first course of business was to launch a Ruker Park style basketball tournament at the schools “Towers” blacktop courts in honor of a fallen classmate, Bobbie Anderson. Is part of the Bobbie Anderson Memorial Hoop Classic we had a slam dunk contest that enabled some of the school’s high flying talent to showcase their skills. One such individual was a young man by the name of Chris Henry.

Then only a Freshman at the school it was clear he had superior athletic ability as he easily took home our inaugural trophy. Unbeknown to any of us he probably shouldn’t have participated in the event given his football scholarship but he put on a show for the students anyway.

During his time at West Virginia it was clear he was a troubled individual as he was often the subject of many incidents both on and off the field highlighted by his ejection from his career game at Rutgers his senior year after he threw punches. He was considered a major character risk by the NFL and rightfullly so. He had been arrested multiple times while with the Bengals and suspended five times including for half of the 2007 season. Tired of Henry’s antics The Bangals released him but gave him another chance in 2008.

It was this second chance that many around the NFL believed gave him a second lease on life. According to Palmer, Henry had a great off season and had “really turned his life around.” Unfortunately, his season was cut short by injury when he broke his forearm against the Baltimore Ravens on November 8.

So when we at the Highbrid Nation learned about his death after falling out of the back of a moving pickup truck we were deeply sadened. Despite what may have transpired during the dispute with his fiancee and the events leading up the accident, his life long journey was not an easy one and we send our condolences to her, the WVU community and Chris’ Family. Rest in Peace.

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