Monday, December 21, 2009

Trae Gives Back To Houston Community For Christmas Holiday

Wanting to end a successful career year by giving back to the needy in his beloved community, Trae Tha Truth, spent his weekend playing Santa to many of his city’s needier constituents.

His first stop was an appearance at Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s 15 Annual Christmas Party, where he handed out toys, signed autographs and took pictures with the thousands of kids in attendance.

Trae ended that afternoon on a high note by buying out the ice-cream truck that was parked outside so that all departing children received a treat as they left.

Trae’s next stop was the Community of Faith Church in North Houston, where he was joined by SDS members, JDawg, Mugg and Clarence. The guys helped church leader, Pastor Dixon, distribute lots of Christmas cheer in the form of toys and 5,000 pairs of shoes to those in need.

Trae ended his day with the Tiara Foundation which benefits children who are terminally ill, confined to wheelchairs or have parents afflicted with AIDS. Reindeer being somewhat thin on the ground in Houston, this Santa arrived ABN-style; on candy paint, just as you’d expect a loc-wearing Santa to do. There Trae helped Founder, Olivia West, make a lot of very brave kids’ last wishes come true.

“Just being able to be a part of that experience was a blessing for me.” Trae said of his time with the children. “Being there with those kids had me forget about a reputation, an image or any part of being an entertainer. I was just proud to be there. I recommend a lot of people do the same when it comes to tha less fortunate and remember, it’s always somebody out there doing worst than me and you…………..”

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