Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trey Songz Takes On R. Kelly Comparisons, "I've Been Compared To Him Since My First Album"

R&B singer Trey Songz has detailed the R. Kelly comparisons he often finds himself hearing and explained why he would want a collaboration with the soulful veteran.

Songz says he has been a fan of Kelly since his early days.

"Before I was even thinking to pursue music I would only listen to R. Kelly," he explained in an interview. "That comes from me studying his music. Sometimes our tones are similar and sometimes the inflections I make with my voice is something that he would do, just because it's my subconscious. And that's not something that I try to do, it's just something that is just there. To be compared to who I feel is the King of R&B has never been an insult. I've been compared to R. Kelly since my first album...[a collaboration,] most definitely. Now that would be a track worth 12 plays. Not sure if there is enough room for Trey, Kellz, and his mojo, though." (Honey Mag)
The singer recently addressed questions of whether or not he has been trying to beef with Kelly.

"It wasn't a beef," Trey smiled in an interview. "It was me telling R. Kelly to take the d*mn Auto-Tune off his voice, which he did on his album. His album is good. I'm trying to make sure I have an album out ASAP. I ain't gonna tell you how soon, though. It's not gonna be two years. I wanna use the same recipe I've been using. If anybody is added, it'll be for real purpose. I spoke to Pharrell. I told him I'm getting in, Timbaland as well -- both huge Virginian-grown producers. I definitely would love to work with them..." (MTV)
R.Kelly revealed his feelings about Songz's diss, "Death of Kells," last summer.

"When you're a king...I don't get into the challenges anymore," Kells told a panel of journalists. "What is an elephant gonna do when an ant or a fly lands on them? Those guys got some growing up to do. That's something I would have answered 20 years ago." (SOHH On The Scene)
Songz expressed his issues with Kells in a blog posting earlier this summer.

"When I heard Jay-Z's "Death of Autotune" my first thought was when will R. Kelly stop using it," he wrote. "The King of R&B with a autotune filled mixtape (not to mention a auto tuned "Double Up" album) disappoints me. If throwing rocks at the throne wakes up the King, consider them thrown. I just want R. Kelly back.." (SOHH Soulful)

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