Monday, December 21, 2009

Lil Wayne Sue Amazon For “Mishap” That Leaked Album Six Weeks Early?

Tracks from Lil Wayne’s new album “Rebirth” are spilled all over the Internet now thanks to calling the actions that caused widespread internet leakage of Lil Wayne’s new album “Rebirth” a “shipping mishap.”

An estimated 500 customers who pre-ordered the album began receiving their copy on Monday, Dec. 14 nearly six weeks before its official release date despite a recent release date change from Dec. 21 to February 1. is reporting that all 14 tracks have been popping up on rap and file sharing web sites, Twitter, YouTube. By Tuesday fans began posting photos of the disc and even broadcast low-fi impromptu listening sessions of the album on this has taken all the wind out of the sails of any marketing or promotion that Universal Motown/ Cash Money might have planned to promote the project. The damage to record sales must be serious considering Weezie is one of the last hip hop acts that is still has platinum potential. Given the economic losses which I’m someone is attempting to calculate SOUND OFF: Should Weezie be able to SUE for the mishap? If so what kind of damages should they be required to repay?

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