Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bow Wow Blasts UK Radio Host Over Rented Lambo Questions, "This N*gga Tim Westwood Always Trying Stir Up Sh*t"

Bow Wow Blasts UK Radio Host Over Rented Lambo Questions, "This N*gga Tim Westwood Always Trying Stir Up Sh*t"

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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Cash Money Records' Bow Wow has lashed at radio personality Tim Westwood for recently asking Soulja Boy Tell Em if his Lamborghini was rented.

Writing via Twitter, Bow Wow took a few jabs at the United Kingdom radio veteran.

"I agree with @50cent," Bow Wow wrote. "This n*gga tim westood always try n sturr up sh*t. then when he interview me its gone be a diff story. cm ym FACT: TIM Never question a maf*ka who got money. i been making money since i was in huggies bro. i should be asking you if u rent sh*t." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Speaking with Soulja Boy, Tim asked the rapper if their past beef was over.

"Will he ever work with Bow Wow again," Tim read from a question sheet to Soulja Boy. "Was his Lamborghinis rented? They looked like leases to me. I'm not saying there's a problem [between you two] but they do look like leases. As opposed to your Lambo which you paid for. Paid cash? Paid cash! Now do you change the color of your Lambo?" (Tim Westwood TV)

Soulja Boy previously went head-to-head with Bow Wow before squashing their beef earlier this year.

First starting over their alleged "Lambos" claiming each others are leased or rented, then later saying they wanted to race. Things went to the next level when Soulja Boy said Bow Wow's album was garbage and he would leak it to which Bow Wow said Soulja Boy is only in rap because of him. Soulja Boy then released a video explaining how the beef went from friendly to disrepectful then later Bow Wow called Soulja Boy and the two young rappers made up. (Rap Basement)

Earlier this month, Bow Wow said fans should not always take his Twitter messages serious.

"Promoters think im stupid? They think ima get on 5 passanger jet? Flyin 6hrs to da a show? F*** outta here. Stop wakn people up wit dumbness," he wrote over the week. "My problem is im too nice to folk in the industry. Im always doing things for others i forget to think "what i wana do" im thinkn bout me! By me not having no dad i will make mistakes When yall see me say stupid sh*t i dont mean it. Understand im teaching my self how 2 be a man Thats the dark cloud dats over me everyday. Be 23 yrs old. No man neva taught me how to treat women, nothing. Ill grow jus takes time 100 zz Wished err body took da chance to really f*ck wit me or get to know me for they wana hate ona young brother tryna get by in this crazy world." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

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