Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pacquiao and Performing Enhancing Drugs:The “Birther Movement” of Boxing

by Jason Alcairo: It has recently been reported on boxingscene.com that 7-Division world champion Manny Pacquiao is holding up the proposed March 13th mega-fight between him and Floyd Mayweather,Jr. Top Rank president Todd DuBoef informed Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer that Pacquiao refuses to have his blood drawn as part of Olympic grade testing. Naturally, this will only fan the flames of the PED witch hunt initiated by Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

Mayweather Jr had this to offer: “I understand Pacquiao not liking having his blood taken, because quite frankly, I don’t know anyone who does.” He continued,”but in a fight of this magnitude, I think it is our responsibility to subject ourselves to sportsmanship of the highest level.”

The article further states that Manny’s unwillingness to be tested applies to within 30 days of the event, stemming from a personal superstition he has of being tested that close to a fight. Furthermore, it says that he is willing to be tested before the press conference and after the fight. I personally don’t see that to be a problem. After the fight is when he would be caught without a doubt should anything be present in his blood.

The basic problem is the mentality many people have in that if he has nothing to hide, he should allow the testing. But he isn’t holding up the testing, he just doesn’t want to be tested within a certain time. That isn’t an unreasonable stipulation. Hence, I have likened this entire situation to the fringe “Birther Movement” United States President Obama refused to really address earlier this year. Both the accusations lack any real merit. But enough people have been mentioning it while ignoring the assurances of authorities that would be in the know. Neither of them are addressing the accusations because of the total lack of solid evidence. No,”I know something is up with that guy”, doesn’t count.

Examining Pacquiao’s weight through the years,he would rehydrate to higher and higher weights on fight nights during his time coming up from the Super Featherweight division.That gradual increase in rehydrating weights are a clear indication that Pacquiao has merely been cramming his speed and power into smaller weight classes until he could no longer do so and remain an efficient fighter. Now that he is closer to his walking weight, he can begin training at higher intensities. Coupled with his rice and fish heavy diet, it is no longer a mystery to how he can train himself so hard to perform so well during fights.

Alas, these new developments will only spur on the naysayers who will use their selective reading abilities to accuse Pacquiao of ducking Mayweather, or stalling to prevent himself from being caught. This is unfortunate, as all this positioning from both the Mayweather and Pacquiao camps will further delay the fight that the entire boxing world is looking forward to. This author’s hope is that it Pacquiao will be allowed to test before the conference and after the fight.

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