Tuesday, January 19, 2010

: 50 Cent Says Jay-Z Is "Soft" W/ Rap Beef, "No One Directly Feels Offended" [Video]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently gave his opinion about Jay-Z and why the rap mogul rarely makes direct attacks during hip-hop battles.

According to Fif, Jay has mastered the art of subliminal dissing.

"It's the competitive nature of the art form," Fif explained about his relationship with Jay. "It's still there, he still competes too. He just does it so subliminal that people don't read it. To me, it's a softer way to do it. A safer way to do it because no one directly feels offended by it...Why not just say it? I don't feel the [disses]. You gotta at least let the [diss be noticeable.] A guy that's that subtle, how do you really take offense to those activities? You know, I get really disrespectful, I don't mind. And then it's like, we can go to the other space and it can really go down." (Power 105.1)

In past interviews, 50 has suggested Jay uses his past roster of artists like Beanie Sigel and Tru Life to protect him during beefs.

"Jay is a really smart guy," 50 explained in an interview with reporter Gina Torres. "He'll analyze other people and other things that they're doing and not actually look at what's happening to him and his transitions. Right now, he's in this really safe space. He created this safe aura -- it wouldn't be like that if he handled his issues himself. He's a piece of work, he always puts somebody in front of him. When Jada came for him, he put Beanie in front of him and Beanie went back and forth with Jadakiss. When Cam came for him, he put Tru Life in front of him and they went back and forth and he just didn't compete." (All Hip Hop)

50 also discussed how Jay's rap image constantly changes last year.

"You can't be gangster Jay from Marcy and be the good guy Jay-Z on 'Oprah,'" Fif explained in an interview. "You just can't. They don't let you in. That's Mr. Knowles, he just got that pass. There ain't any tickets to an inauguration ball with n*ggas. If you're from the hood, you have that element or that aura around you, there's no tickets for you. It's 'safe' people there. This is why those things are happening. This is why he has to convince the person that he's talking to he's not afraid of anyone." (Complex)

While speaking with radio personality Trevor Nelson last September, Hov said no one should be intimidated by 50.

"I think he would have done that if that was 50 Cent, no one's scared of 50 Cent," Jay said referring to Kanye West's Taylor Swift incident. "I want everybody to be clear, no one's scared of 50 Cent. So I just think that's what he believed. I think it was rude, I thought it was in appropriate. And I told him this much, but I don't think he was wrong." (BBC 1)

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