Friday, January 15, 2010

News: B.G. Blames 50 Cent For Missing Young Buck Collabo, "[He] Didn't Want To Clear Him For The Record"

Former Cash Money Records' recording artist B.G. stepped forward with allegations that 50 Cent is black balling Young Buck.

In addition to speaking on Buck's verse being taken off "Owe Me Some Money," Gizzle also responded to hearing his name mentioned in Fif's "So Disrespectful" track.

"50 Cent didn't want to clear him for the record," he revealed in an interview. "50 Cent has been hating on him all away around the board. 50 has been hating on him. 50 Cent didn't want to clear him for the record. I thought ['So Disrespectful'] was funny. I mean I thought it was funny, but I didn't find it funny. He could have used something else. If your gonna' play with Buck, play with Buck, but don't play with me because he doesn't even know me like that. That's rap; you know what I'm saying? Me personally, if he was in my region... he rolls with the secret service - the media police. I ain't even entertaining that sh*t because I already know. That's how he came up; dissing real n*ggas. He already took a real n*gga name from the streets and ran with it. I don't even want to talk about that." (Word Of South)

50's "So Disrespectful also goes after former G-Unit member Game.

On the very next record, there is no need to infer anything. 50 gets very blunt on "So Disrespectful," calling Young Buck a drug addict and the Game jealous. "C'mon, Game, you'll never be my equal," he raps. "Your homies shoot doors, my n*ggas shoot people/ See me, I'm what you're never gonna be/ I'm in that tax bracket you're never gon' see. "I ain't know he f*cked with more dope than B.G./ Plus a n*gga sip more syrup than Pimp C," Fif continues on the track. "Man, keeping these m*therf*ckers as rich ain't easy/ Especially when a n*ggaa wanna stunt like Jeezy/ And his CDs didn't sell like his CDs/ Man that n*gga blew all his chips on them breezies/ Mad cause the world won't treat him like Weezy." (MTV)

Lately, Buck has been dropping G-Unit diss records aimed at 50 and his camp.

"Put me in positions where it seems I'm the victim," Buck raps, "And even though you diss him, still the whole world miss him/Way out in London, England n*ggas like he still breathing and soon I will get even but my goals I'm still achieving/I am Cashville like LeBron James is Cleveland, no Allen [Iverson], I ain't coming back to the team this season...God Bless him for him not know what he do -- concerts with no backpack or college degree, you ask me, jealousy is what a lot of it be/It's not smart just to throw me in the dark/I put back together what you tried to tear apart..." ("Finish What You Start")

He has also directly gone after Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks on tracks like "Do It For Ya."

"For every record that you sell, I got a bullet for ya," Buck raps. "I see that you won't keep it real, so let me do it for ya/I can do it for ya, let me do it for ya/Them other n*ggas couldn't get you but I can do it for ya...[laughs] How it feel Curtis? What was it, like ten million on Get Rich or Die Tryin' right? N*gga you did a hundred and something thousand records on your last sh*t. We don't f*ck with you no more. B*tch a** n*gga. Oh I'm so hard on your h*e a**, n*gga, you thought you did something to Buck. You created a monster you f*ck n*gga! Eh Yayo, Jimmy [Iovine] told me he'll never put out another album of yours. So I understand why you washing that n*gga 50's draws...Eh Banks, don't forget now, I brought you back around that b*tch a** n*gga Curtis,you know when you was at home and sh*t..." ("Do It For Ya")

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