Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow Publicly Confronts Mom, "Delete Your Account Or I'm Deleting Mine"

Cash Money Records' rapper Bow Wow addressed his mother, Teresa Caldwell, in a public forum and threatened to end his Twitter account if she did not delete hers.

Prior to the messages being deleted, Bow Wow pleaded with his mom to remove her Twitter account.

"@MsTCaldwell delete your account. or im deleting mine and my fans are going to be mad at you.," he wrote. "Making my mother deleter her twitter account. NOW!" (Bow Wow's Twitter)

His mom spoke to Bow Wow and fans regarding the situation.

"Thanks to all @bowwow614 fans for following me too. Y'all are funny. Bow hates that I'm on Twitter so I try to send him any tweets :-)," she wrote yesterday (January 18). "Y'all @bowwow614 going to get me n trouble. The BOSS will b calling me this morning saying stay off Twitter mom. He's funny. Love u son @IHateIsis @bowwow614 he hates me on Twitter. Sons are different when it comes to their moms than daughters are. Daughters r cooler :-) @bowwow614 bow u should never try to stop a person from saying inspirational words. God want us to spread his words and help each other. @bowwow614 Bow ur wrong for that. Why would u delete ur Twitter acct bec I have 1? Pls don't ever compare me to another mom. God made us dif." (Teresa Caldwell's Twitter)

Bow Wow associate, rapper Game, recently playfully spoke on how his mom ranked as one of his top enemies.

"Soon as he started talking about his mom, I started thinking about my mom and I just told a story and kinda mixed it in like I do and that's just what it was," Game revealed about his Robin Thicke collaboration. "I'll let her hear it on her own -- she'll start crying and sh*t...She always wanted me to do this and do the right thing but I was always f*cking up and couldn't get it right until now. She expresses her gratitude -- and how happy she is of all my accomplishments...I'm pretty sure she listens to every single records because you never know, she might think I'll diss her one day so she'll be locked in waiting for the beef. Me and my moms, we had beef for a long time. When we beef, we beef, man. She don't really comment on my music -- but I love my mom to death and she don't judge me, she don't judge my music." (Rap-Up)

Earlier this month, Bow Wow used his Twitter account to address the media and "haters."

"People questioning my 2 million downloads. understand. IT WAS FREE #1, my say now has a million people on it. i ustream heavy. not including twitter and when i RT. not including how BIG i am digitally with ringtones etc. the kids love me. 8 arena tours. and over 10 million..," he wrote Thursday (January 7). "arena tours. stop hating and pay attention to what im doing and have been doing it wont seem like a shock. im taking advantage of the free press. keep the doubt and hating coming. if yall hating on a free mixtape. wait til yall see what me and martin lawerence bout 2 do i asked @djdrama to do my tape. he said no. im use to the doubt. how i answer? 2 million downloads in in less than 2 days c*ck suckers...i chose @djdrama 1st because ima fan and i respect and love his movement. and still is. but i dont kiss a** im grown...Understand im use to the hate, and doubt. this been going on since i was 12. this aint new. this my habitat when it comes to hip hop." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

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