Monday, January 18, 2010

Danger From Love Of Ray J Pregnant By Nick Cannon’s Brother… Again

It seems that Monica ‘Danger’ Leon, the popular reality star contestant of the VH1 reality show ‘For The Love of Ray J’ Season 1 (the one with the tiger tattoo on her face) is reported to have lost the custody of her baby daughter Mayara to the father of the child, Gabriel Cannon, 23, who is an artist with the group RydazNrtisT under his brother, celebrity personality, rapper and actor Nick Cannon’s label NCredible Entertainment.

Over the past few months, Danger has been going through a series of mood changes with the latest one being after the birth of her daughter Mayara Cannon who was born October 16th, as reported on RapPagesMagazine.Com. Monica ‘Danger’ Leon went through postpartum depression and was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for evaluation in December for a week in California.

According to research, around 70 to 80 percent of new mothers are stated to possibly experience postpartum depression and 10% to 20% of mothers develop a more disabling case of it which can become dangerous for them and the child.

What people are calling alarming about the entire ordeal is her Britney Spears’ moment. Yes, you know when Britney Spears chopped all her hair off. Monica ‘Danger’ Leon seemed to have somewhat given herself a buzz cut. After the incident, her rep allegedly made claims she cut off her hair as a result of an argument with her boyfriend which is reported to be from an incident involving her baby girl.

As for Danger’s daughter Mayara, she was placed with Gabriel Cannon by the L.A. Child Protective Services and no other details have been revealed. However, it is being reported that Monica ‘Danger’ Leon is taking everything very well.

According to Monica ‘Danger’ Leon, Gabriel Cannon is a great father which may be the reasoning behind her taking it so well. While her baby girl is being placed with her father, Danger has revealed that she is pregnant again and she’s very excited. There’s no word on if the pregnancy is by Gabriel Cannon since Monica ‘Danger’ Leon did reveal in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid recently that she had a new boyfriend.

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