Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Catlike Floyd “Meow” Mayweather

By Caesar Almase: I was watching the Mayweather/Marquez fight with my wife and she remarked, “Mayweather is so quick. He’s like a cat.” Indeed he is, and in more ways than one. There is no denying Meow May is an extremely gifted boxer, one of the greatest of this generation.

He is a multiple division champion. He is likely headed to the Boxing Hall of Fame. He is undefeated because of his catlike skills in the ring. . . and his catlike avoidance of the best fighters.

At this point, the whole boxing public has reported, analyzed, and debated ad nauseam the debacle-of-a-negotiations with Manny Pacquiao, and certainly, there will be much more to come. Like so many other people who followed this travesty from the beginning, I didn’t think Meow May really wanted to fight Pacquiao and was looking for an out. First he scurried to get the fight made as quickly as possible, presumably with the thought that Pacquiao would decline, as Freddie Roach had previously stated that March 2010 wouldn’t provide enough recovery time. Pacquiao closed off that avenue of escape. Then there were various smaller obstacles that were overcome in surprisingly rapid fashion, including purse split, glove size, venue and weight limit. Like a cornered little kitty, Meow May was left scampering up the only thing left that could justify derailing the fight with the big bad dog: drug testing.

It would be different if Meow May had a different reputation and record. If, at this point, he had the fights under his belt of a Duran, a Chavez, or, perhaps more befitting his defense-first style, a Whitaker, then no one would likely be questioning his motive. As it is, Meow May has yet again shown himself to be a big, sloppy, wet (pussy)cat. Is this an unfair assessment? Besides this current situation, here are four other instances where Meow May has shown his kitty.

In no particular order, Margarito, Cotto, Mosley, and P. Williams. He has made excuses, rather than fights. He doesn’t want to lose his “0.” He guards it, he savors it, the thought of remaining undefeated is intoxicating–like catnip. Catlike and quick, that’s Meow May in the ring. He is very effective against mice, rats, and other less skilled cats. To be fair, he has some notable names etched in his scratching post–Castillo, Corrales, Judah, De La Hoya. However, at this stage of his career he is known more for the fights he hasn’t taken, the fights that would have pushed him, the fights that would have challenged his (pussy)cat heart.

Meow May knows Pacquiao is a different animal all-together. He knows he would be in for a dogfight; that he would have all he could handle and maybe more. I am not proclaiming that Meow May knows he would lose to Pacquiao or that Pacquiao would definitely win. After all, there are some cats that can beat up some dogs. My conclusion is simply that Meow May must realize he would have a pit bull in the other corner. A pit bull that takes punishment, keeps coming, and does not stop. Meow May is just being true to his nature by running away. I do hope the fight eventually takes place; that public opinion and monetary compensation will compel the (pussy)cat to get in the ring with the dog. Here kitty, kitty.

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