Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The return of The Hitman Hatton

By Sean Pollock: The return of Ricky Hatton- a return that will be met with much skepticism from the boxing world. As a self-confessed fan of The Hitman it’s been hard to pick a corner in the “should he – shouldn’t he” argument that has been circulating since his devastating 2nd round KO to Manny Pacquiao.

In one corner, the pessimistic brigade are suggesting it’s going to be a has-been fighter taking another beating- and that is were Ricky needs to choose his opponent wisely. Taking on the young and quick Kahn might be suicide and the younger, highly skilled Timothy Bradley is too be avoided also.

Now the optimist’s corner may see the positives from a Ricky Hatton comeback- as long as he chooses his opponent wisely. No one wants their last memory of a long career as the ceiling of the MGM Grand and the Hitman has a chance to rectify this. I personally would like to see him fight an older, declining fighter, as another beating could mean serious health risks for Hatton. The most rumored opponent is Juan Manuel Marquez, and this is as high as The Hitman should aim- at 36 and after a beating from Mayweather it could be a good time to fight the Mexican legend. Or at a similar age to Marquez is the seasoned Nate Campbell, which wouldn’t be a bad option for Ricky.

Or maybe it is a good time for Ricky to realize the inevitable fact that The Hitman no longer has the killing ability he once had. With that said, all considered I think I stand closer to the pessimist’s corner. Hatton is no longer the hungry, iron fighter of the Tszyu 2005 fight and could consider a safer fight against Junior Witter and settle the old rivalry once and for all!

Whatever he considers, good-luck The Hitman!

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