Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exclusive: Comedian Mike Epps Predicts Computer Take-Over In 2010

With 2009 long gone, SOHH spoke with comedian Mike Epps to see what predictions he has for the new year.

The movie star sees technology reaching new heights throughout 2010.

"Man, I think 2010, you know, this advancement on technology is about to be crazy," Epps told SOHH. "I mean, you already got machines, computers, working [and] doing stuff. You go in the grocery store now and they don't have cashiers. You know what I mean? So get ready. No more weed man." (SOHH)

Fellow comedian Jeff Kreisler recently took a more political approach on his predictions for this year.

"Sarah Palin will claim that the Sun rotates around the Earth, and will do so in a tweet," he said in an interview. "It will be at the top of the leading blogs. An article on the blog coverage of the tweet will be on the front page of several major newspapers. Frank Rich will blow his brains out...A politician, an athlete, a businessman, and a movie star will get caught cheating. They will apologize, retire, fake their own deaths, and reemerge as columnists for the New York Post." (Comedy)


For New York rapper Rakim, he felt the atmosphere of hip-hop would take a drastic change over the next 365 days.

"Wow, I'm looking for a drastic change in hip-hop," Rakim told SOHH. "I'm hoping this is the time where I think the awareness of hip-hop and the awareness in the street will take off. We had a lot of fun with rap these last few years, rap's been growing, we've been going through that period, you gotta give it room to do that. The South embraced it and next it's gonna do something else, who knows what. I think it's been going through so many changes, it's gonna be a big change [this] year. I hope it's for the good." (SOHH)

Producer Pharrell recently released a video speaking on what is to come in 2010.

"Yo, Happy New Year's to everybody," he says, "it's 2010. Everything's about to change. So it's all about this year. So I just wanna thank you guys for supporting us for all these years. Here's looking at you guys. Yesssir." (YouTube)

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