Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fabolous Looks To Jay-Z For Inspiration, "I Deserve To Be Sitting On Top Of The Sun

New York rapper Fabolous recently spoke about expanding his career outside of hip-hop and using rappers like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg to provide the blueprint.

According to Fab, he still has a long way to go before finding satisfaction in his career.

"I look at hip-hop artists who have become brands," he said, "[like] Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z. It's not only their music, it's the whole package of what they're doing as artists. So I want to brand myself as an artist. I would like to bring in other talent and move up to do some acting. You can't be satisfied. Because once you're satisfied you lose your edge of competing. So I'm not satisfied. I say, 'You know what? I still deserve more.' If I was sitting on top of the world, I deserve to be sitting on top of the sun, you know what I'm saying?" (Boston Herald)

Last August, F-a-b-o landed a sneaker deal through Reebok.

Fabolous, in partnership with Cornerstone Promotion and Foot Locker, will kick-off the series as the first one hundred fans in each city will be able to "buy a pair, get a pair" -- receiving a pair of tickets to a first-of-its-kind, exclusive, intimate Fabolous performance. Fabolous will personally meet with fans at Foot Locker locations throughout the US to promote Reebok's Classic Remix footwear collection and the Classic Remix Concert Series. Cities include, New York City, New York (August 24, 2009), New Orleans, Louisiana (August 26, 2009), Miami, Florida (August 28, 2009), Houston, Texas (September 1, 2009), and Atlanta, Georgia (September 3, 2009). (Press Release)

While keeping details scarce, Fab previously said business ties were cut with his former clothing manufacturer due to a lack of vision on their behalf.

"We pushing it," Fab told radio personality Angela Yee about his Yung Rich clothing line in August. "We switched manufacturers because we wanted to get with somebody that really understood the vision of what we was trying to push. The first guys, they kinda didn't -- I think they were just in it to make some money. They didn't see the whole vision so we switched and now we push it a little bit further. Before we were trying to just keep it a bit more boutique but I think this one we gonna go into department stores and make some money. [laughs]" ("The Morning Show With Angela Yee")

However, the rapper recently gave a positive update on his Rich Yung Society clothing line.

"We switched over our manufacturer and distributor so we will be back for this fall and winter season," he said in an interview last October. "We have a lot of new stuff. We've got people who see our vision now and are gonna help bring what we're trying to bring; not just what they want to do. They see our vision and really connected with us and they're ready to put it out. So I'm glad that we actually took a second off to get with some better people who could really help the brand instead of hurt it." (I Luv Lola)

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