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Shawty Lo Talks Gucci Mane Jail Time, Explains His Status With T.I.

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Shawty Lo Talks Gucci Mane Jail Time, Explains His Status With T.I.

8 January 2010 No Comment

Former T.I. rap rival Shawty Lo has spoken on being on good terms with the “King” and touched on his relationship with incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane.

According to Shawty, he and Gucci speak frequently.

“I talk to him on a regular basis,” Shawty said in an interview. “We keep him posted [on things going on in the industry]. He probably on the phone right now. I ain’t got to give him advice, though. Gucci know what he gotta do — he’s a grown man. You know, he got his head up. He’s ready to come back home…His spirits is up, and he get a lot of mail and get a lot of support from the fans in the streets and, you know, he’s just waiting to come home to reclaim his career…I wrote a song called, ‘Look What You Got’ and I’m talking about all the situations. Me and T.I. situation, Gucci and Jeezy situation, and how the beefs end. It’s like, let’s just move forward and just do it for the fans because there’s people that look up to us. And we don’t need negativity.”

Recently Shawty explained how he squashed the beef with Tip.

“Me and Tip, we talked for about 15 minutes on November 24th [2008],” said Shawty Lo of last year’s Dirty Awards altercation. “And we just came to a conclusion [that] it ain’t need to go no further. Basically, it’s over with. Homie be home next year. Free Tip. [T.I.'s] last show [before beginning his jail sentence] at Club Crucial I came out and showed – What better place to do it [than] on Bankhead, and show in front of our peoples [that the beef was squashed]? I came on stage, the people saluted and they went crazy.”

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