Monday, January 4, 2010

ghly Anticipated ‘Raymond Vs. Raymond’ Album Leaks Online Months Early

It seems that Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is setting the tone for a string of very early big-name album leaks. Among the latest casualties is Usher, whose album Raymond Vs. Raymond began appearing online midday Sunday the 27th, according to data from BigChampagne.

Like Rebirth, the album’s release date has played a questionable game of hopscotch. Originally set to be released in “early 2010,” it was then set back to December 21st, and then to “TBD” status.

Now, conflicting information surrounds the release date in the digital retail world. Best Buy, Tower, f.y.e., CD Universe, and others are offering pre-orders for a February 16th release date. So is Barnes and Noble, yet the album is absent from Borders’ site. also has a pre-order option – but for February 2nd, Amazon for March 1st (keep a close eye on those pre-orders guys!). Adding to the mystery is it’s complete absence on iTunes at the time of writing.

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